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Greetings and welcome to my website. My name is Fr. Robert J. Armato, and I am a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, NY, currently serving as pastor in the Parish of St. Margaret in Middle Village, Queens. Although a priest since 1995, my ministry until now has been conducted on the local, parish level. I am venturing forth, through the use of this website, into the realm of cyberspace in the hope of reaching a potentially much larger congregation.

From the epistles of St. Paul to the pamphlets of St. Francis de Sales and on to the blogs of Pope Benedict XVI, each generation of Churchmen has used the tools at its disposal to proclaim the Good News. While I certainly cannot and do not claim a place alongside any of those great men – the Apostles, the Fathers and the saints, or more recently Newman, Chesterton, Knox, Sheen and Benedict XVI – in terms of their holiness, their zeal, their intellect or their eloquence, nevertheless I hope to add in my own small way to their efforts, the effort of proclaiming the Good, the True and the Beautiful to a world so much in need of God. Perhaps, the work that I present here, like theirs, might contribute to the New Evangelization through the occasional sharing beyond the pulpit of some of my thoughts on various issues and matters of interest.

My musings will tend to be of the traditionalist sort. Yet I believe, along with St. Vincent of Lerins, that the teachings of the Church can develop organically and that God has given us the ability to grow in our understanding while deepening our faith; hence, the title of this site: Faith with Reason. I trust that you, dear reader, also may find something of value in what I post from time to time, and I ask you to pray for me and for all priests who are entrusted with continuing the mission of Jesus Christ. To Him be glory and praise now and forever!

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